Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Photo Tour - Front Nine

With the 2011 golfing season winding down to a close (I still have one trip left in me!!) I thought I would post a few of my favorites photos that I snapped this year.  We'll start with the front nine.

#1 from the gold tee near the putting green
#1 from the other gold tee
#1 from the blue tee on a beautiful day!
#1 from the top of the fairway.  Still a long way to go!
Approaching the first green

Looking back on the 1st hole
#2 tee from the blue tee box

#2 late in the season.  The difference in colors from earlier in the year is striking.
The 2nd green taken from near the 5th tee.
The 3rd green taken from the front with a rear pin position
4th hole from the red tee box
Approaching the 4th green from the right side
The 4th green with June flowers in bloom
Looking back on the 4th green with the 6th fairway in the distance
A unique angle at the 5th hole
A tough pin on the 5th green
The 6th hole's wild fairway
Looking back at a front pin on the 6th
The view from the white tee box on #7
One of my favorite views on the course.  High on the right side of #7, looking down at the fairway and green with #8 in the distance
Approaching the 7th from the left side
The 7th green from the 8th tee box
The 8th tee
The approach to the 8th from the right side of the fairway
The approach to the 8th over the bunkers
Looking down on the 9th green from the "mountain" red and white tee box
I'll add some more photos of the front nine, as well as a new post for the back nine when I return from my final trip.


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