Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tee Variety - Holes #13 through #15

Hole #13 - The 13th really needs no tee options, but it still provides a few to mix things up.  This par 4 plays only 292 from the 
golf tee, which is usually found up on the far left teeing ground.  The blue tee plays 271 and typically plays from the far right side, providing a much different look and angle to this short par 4. 

There is plenty of width to choose your line from the blue tee although much of the landing area is blind
The white and red tees are again combined at 246 yards.  They are played from a similar angle as the gold tee, though close enough that many players will opt for something less than driver (not me!) even if they are going for the green.

From the white and red tee the fairway is much more visible.
Hole #14 - The 14th takes the prize for most distance between the gold tee and the red tee.  With a full 170 yards separating the two tees, the tees on this hole also provide a host of flexibility and excitement for the repeat player.  The gold tee on this hole is 615 yards.  I have only hit one tee shot from this box and I am fighting just to make the fairway from here.  The “carry bunker” on the right side of the hole is out of range for me here, so I’m just hoping to hit the left side of the fairway near the trees from this distance.  The blue tee provides a much needed reduction in distance here at 510 yards.  Most players electing to play the blue or green tees will now be able to challenge the bunker from the tee in order to be rewarded with a turbo boost.  In addition to being 100 yards shorter, this tee plays out to the left of the gold tee, which helps with the angle.

The view from the blue tee.  Carrying the bunker should be an option for most players electing to play this tee. 
The white tee is listed as 466 yards and the red tee is listed as 445 yards.  If my memory serves correctly, there are three additional tee boxes short of the blue tee, so I’m not 100% sure which serves as the normal white tee.  There is one box a bit to the left, mirroring the blue tee angle.  Then there are two shorter tee boxes up by the fairway and to the right.  From these tee boxes, the carry bunker shouldn’t be an issue other than the tee shot is struck from a lower elevation than the bunker and now even more of the landing area is blind.  

The white tee presents a much less imposing view.  The red tee is a bit forward and to the right from here.
The red tee is a nice combo to play with the 15th gold tee if you want to turn #14 into the par 4 and #15 into the par 4 - or just play them both as a 4.5 as they should be played!

Hole #15 - The 15th plays to a monstrous 465 from the gold tee.  As if this weren’t long enough for a par 4, the green is the 
smallest on the course!  

Taking it all the way back on #15 will prove to be a sufficient challenge for any player
The blue tee provides a bit of relief at 421 but it loses a bit of elevation from the gold tee making the drive a bit more uphill (at least it feels uphill).  

The blue tee eases up a bit from the gold tee, but it isn't a picnic from here either!
The white tee and red tee are available for options once the golfer has been beaten into submission numerous times.  The white tee at 408 yards is still no bargain.  The red tee is only 370.  Despite the fact that I love playing so many of the par 4 holes at Kingsley as short par 4s from time to time, something just doesn’t feel right about moving up to the red tee on this one.  Some of the other hole are exhilarating and fun from the red tee.  This one just feels like giving in and cheating!


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