Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tee Variety - Holes #7 through #9

Hole #7 - The 7th hole is a wicked tee shot no matter which teeing ground is chosen.  The gold tee (569 yards) is one of the least comfortable for me on the front nine.  The fairway, which is partially hidden from view no matter which tee is selected, seems very distant due to the blindness.  Also, from this tee box, my weak left-handed fade swing brings a lot more trouble into play.  I really need to strike it solidly from this tee in order to put the ball in play.  

The intimidating view from the 7th tee box
The blue tee plays 512 yards.  From this tee many longer hitters will be opting for less than driver in order to take the long rough through right side of the fairway out of play.  This is a perfect tee box for me to swing a full driver unless there is a strong helping wing.  The white and red tees share a tee box and play about 490 yards.  From this tee, the long hitter is tempted to cut the fairway corner with a driver.  The landing area and the penalty for a miss is rather severe, but I don’t think this tee box holds much interest for the stronger player unless they plan to make a run at this carry.  For me, the white tee plays as a hybrid off the tee to the same target as the blue tee.  

The red and white tee boxes.  The big hitter will be tempted into all kinds of disasters from here!
There is a REALLY forward tee that is in the process of growing in on the 7th hole.  I’m not sure if this is a future location for a red tee, but it looks like great fun to me as it is far enough forward that even I’d be tempted to try and blast it over the corner with the driver.

The best part about playing aggressively and missing right is the view of the 7th and 8th holes from above.
Hole #8 - There’s not too much difference between the gold tee and the blue tee on the 8th hole.  Fortunately, the fairway, approach, and green offer plenty enough variety to keep the 8th full of interest.  The gold tee plays 365 yards and the blue tee plays 349 yards.  

This photo was taken from the blue tee box.  The white tee can be seen to the left.  The red tee is also visible in the distance. 
The white tee is only slightly forward, at 321 yards, though this tee box is slightly less elevated.  The white adds the interest of bringing the center fairway bunker even more into play, making club selection a tough choice.  From the red tee, the 8th hole can be played at 251 yards, making this the fourth hole on the front nine that can be played as an extremely short par 4.   As one that enjoys a good, challenging short par 4, I really enjoy this flexibility.  Each of the four holes offers enough challenge that even from inside 300 yards, birdie or par is not a certainty.  While I probably wouldn’t want to play all four of these holes from this short distance in the same round, if I happened upon any of the four on another course playing this distance from the normal men’s tee, I’d probably be elated at the exciting short par 4 option.  The fact that you can mix and match here and choose your own is a real bonus!
Hole #9 - The front nine is rounded out with the ultimate hole for teeing options.  

Looking back on the 9th.  The West tees are to the far top right of this photo.  The South tees are to the far left of the photo.
I’ll probably botch the distance and the directions here, but I believe the tee boxes are known as the “South” and the “West” tee boxes.  

The gold and the blue tee boxes from the South gives this hole more teeth than any other options.
The South set of tee boxes are off to the right of the 8th green and put the 9th green directly in line between the 9th tee box and the club house.  The West set of tee boxes are located up and behind the 8th green and put the 9th green in a line between the 9th tee box and the 1st tee.  The gold tee from the South set of tees is more than enough for just about anyone on this hole.  The card says 171 yards, but I think the marker on the box is more like 160.  It is a long, all carry, uphill battle to the green from here.  There’s no real ideal pin position from this tee  from my perspective.  The gold tee from the West set plays somewhere in the neighborhood of 135.  This is an elevated view down to the green.  The pin on the West wing is very accessible, though a miss slightly left of this pin position could results in the ball running fully off the right side of the green.  The pin on the South wing demands extreme distance control to a sliver of a green that is only one club deep from this tee position.  The blue tees play from similar angles as the gold tees.   From the South set the blue tee plays about 130 yards.  This tee is a bit more elevated providing a slightly better view.  From the West set the blue tee plays 120 to 125.  

The view from the West set of tees.  Standing on the blue tee box, with the white and red tee boxes visible in the foreground.
The white tee plays around 100 yards or so from both sets of tees.  From the West set, the red tee box is probably only 75 and it makes for a fun pitch shot that tests your distance control with a partial wedge.  From the South set, the red tee sits high upon a “mountain.”  The tee is perched well above the green and plays probably 95 to 100 yards from here.  As with some of the other short tees on the course, this tee box is a must play, even if it is in the late evening while playing a few bonus holes.

The red tee is the most elevated tee option on the 9th hole.   This is probably the easiest location to tee it up on the hole.  Still, it is a fun shot and no bargain from here.


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