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Course Tour - Hole #14

Hole #14 description on Kingsley Club web site is here.

Looking back to the tee from the 14th fairway provides a good look at the opportunities for a well positioned drive to catch a "turbo boost" for extra yardage.
Here is my commentary from A Fan's Photo Tribute on

The 14th is a par 5
567 from the gold tees
510 from the blue tees

This one is caught in the middle of a stretch of fantastic (and potentially controversial in the case of the 15th - more on that later) holes.  It is a nice mix with a bit more subtlety than 13, 15, 16, and 17 which all have something pretty wild going on.  It's not a hole you would probably call subtle on many golf courses, but that's the best word I can think of for it here.

The tee shot is yet another where the carry looks more intimidating than it plays.  There is plenty of room with little to no carry on the left side, which will lengthen the hole a bit.  The hole eventually turns right, so the more you care to bite off from the tee, the better position you will be in assuming you execute.  The left side of the hole is heavily wooded, but there is plenty of width out there before the trees.

The fairway way has an up and over shape to it.  Depending upon where your ball comes to rest, there is a good chance the landing zone for your second shot will not be visible.  Once you get over and around the hump, the final couple hundred yards play downhill as the hole begins to narrow.  There is another charming stone wall along the left side of the hole, which plays as OB.  While there is room surrounding the green, the OB is definitely in play for a stray shot left.  Bunkering is in place on the right side, both short of the green and greenside which combined with the stone wall creates a tighter feel than most approaches on the course.

The green site is another nice one to walk off, turn around, and look back on the surroundings to put the hole in perspective.   The setting is very nice.  The green has plenty of movement and a big hump to get over to get to the back tier, but may feel extremely small and flat after the #13 experience.  Hopefully you made par or better on the last two holes because you face a stern test as you walk to the 15th tee.

View from the back tee
View from a shorter tee
The over and around view from the fairway
Once you get around the bend, here's what you see
The approach to the green
View of the approach from the right side
The 14th green - the contours are evident from this angle
The view from the back right side of the green
From directly behind the green
One more picture from behind the green - this one from the left side.  The 15th fairway is seen on the top left of this photo.
Comments on #14 from Mike DeVries:

"These back-to-back par four and a half’s [holes #14 and #15] provide some great golf and tease the player into trying certain shots that they often shouldn’t.  

I always look forward to the drive on 14 and trying to blast one over the bunkers, hoping to get the kick forward that will lead to a chance to go for the green in two.  I am not a long hitter but am confident with a 3-wood and have reached the green and its surrounds on several occasions.  It is a fun rip at the ball and more fun to see it run up the approach toward the flag.  Recovery shots are demanding but fair.  The lay-up poses its own issues, as the bunkers 80 yards out pinch the right side of the fairway.  I don’t worry too much about the out-of-bounds on the left, although it is certainly in play, and the stone wall has a nice effect and will ricochet a shot occasionally.

The green is small but with considerable contour that can be used to advantage in getting a ball closer to the pin.  The front has a backstop that brings the ball back to the cup and is one of the easier pins on the course.  The middle has two levels, left and right, that are separated from the back by a broad mound.  The back is dished between the mound and the up-sloping back of the green and fringe.  The target areas are small, but if you are on the right level, you have a good chance at a one-putt.  Definitely one of the birdie holes on the course."


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