Thursday, May 26, 2011


Chances are that if you've never booked a golf trip 16 months in advance, you may not fully appreciate what I'm about to write...

I love the anticipation of a golf trip.  I imagine everyone that has ever been on a big trip or vacation of any type can understand this feeling, but I absolutely thrive on it.  I could make a case that I enjoy the anticipation of the trip as much of the trip itself.  I enjoy counting down the days, the weeks, the months, and yes even occasionally the YEARS leading up to a special golf trip.

Let's work backwards from my upcoming trip to Kingsley Club in June.  My suitcase is packed.  It's still May last I checked, and it isn't even Memorial Day.  Sure, my toothbrush and shoes and a few things that I'll use between now and then still need to be checked off and packed, but otherwise I could leave tomorrow morning.  I like to get the details out of the way in advance so I'm not left scrambling the night before the trip.  Some might call me obsessive, and I wouldn't argue.  I prefer to call it passionate.

Let's face it, if you read my original blog entry carefully, you already know that this entire web site came to exist simply out of the anticipation of this golf trip and from my joy of sharing that anticipation with others - in particular those joining me on a trip.  I love to research, plan, and organize every little detail and then watch it unfold in slow motion over the course of several months.  Always having a golf trip on the calendar means always having some hope on the horizon.

The golf trip is a wonderful thing.  But the trip itself is usually way too short.  I'm the type of guy that starts dreading that the trip is almost over before we even finish the first round.  It is the numerous hours of daydreaming and preparation that help rationalize the "value" of the trip.  

The beauty of being a regular part of something like Kingsley Club is that the anticipation becomes even more tangible for me.  I've played every hole; I know every green.  I can imagine in vivid detail the shots that I will play and the bed in which I will sleep following a long day of golf because I've been there and experienced it before.  And yet it will be completely different this time, as with every other visit in the future.

Of all my trips to Kingsley Club, past and future, I am certain my trip in June will always hold a special place for me because it will be my first as a member and the rounds will be played with my closest golfing friends.  Although my visit to Kingsley last Labor Day set a mighty high bar, I am sure this trip will become the trip against which all others will be measured.  I am also pretty confident that I will feel this way leading up to each and every trip I make to Kingsley.

Odds are that if you've never packed a suitcase a full two weeks in advance of a golf trip, you may not fully appreciate what I just wrote...


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