Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to Kingsley Golfer

In 2008, I attended my first charity golf auction.  Little did I realize that when I bid on a round for three at Kingsley Club, it would set in motion a series of events that would forever change how I approached playing the game of golf.  Those turn of events would ultimately lead to the creation of this web site.

The round of golf at Kingsley, for which I was the winning bidder, came with the added bonus of playing with Mike DeVries, the golf course architect that designed Kingsley Club.  For many, this may seem inconsequential.  For a guy like me that spent a good bit of his free time during the previous five years studying the design of many of the country's finest golf courses, this was a rare treat!

I showed up at the course armed with limited knowledge about the course obtained from the review on (click here) and from the Club's web site (click here).   I was accompanied by two good friends that had equal interest in seeing the golf course for the first time.  Two things struck me almost immediately: 1) The scale of the course was much bigger than I expected and 2) This place had a laid back culture that was going to suit me just fine.

Mike DeVries felt like an old friend before we left the practice putting green.  He patiently answered all of our questions about the course throughout the day.  Before we headed out for our second round of the day, we had met the superintendent, the head pro, the director of membership, the general manager, and one of the owners.  After a replay and some time to let the course soak in, I wasn't quite sure where Kingsley Club fit amongst my favorite golf courses, but I knew there was a spot for it somewhere near the top of my list.

Three months after the trip, I felt the need to engage in some additional discussion about the qualities of the course that I enjoyed so much.  I initiated a picture / commentary thread on called "A Fan's Photo Tribute to Kingsley Club."  The thread went on to generate more views, replies, and discussion than any thread I have started previously or since.  You can find the thread and commentary here.

I spent a good bit of that first winter imagining I was going to find a way to join Kingsley.  I requested information from the club and even had a few conversations with the director of membership.  Unfortunately, the timing wasn't right for me and it didn't work out.  Still, I knew I hadn't seen the last of Kingsley.  Two years passed before my next opportunity to visit Kingsley Club arose.  Andrew Lewis, a member of the club who was familiar with my love for the golf course, invited me to join a small group visiting Kingsley over Labor Day weekend.

My second visit to Kingsley was equally special.  When I visited in 2008, I was only on the property for one day.  We arrived, we played golf, ate lunch, played golf, and then departed for a hotel.  This time around I would be on the property for three consecutive days, staying in one of the cottages located near the 18th tee.  When I left, I was more determined than ever that Kingsley Club was going to be a part of my life.  I was no longer a member of a local golf club since my weekend rounds were dwindling due to two young boys that were becoming increasingly active in sports and other activities.  It was decision time.  How would my wife react to my desire to join a golf club located more than 500 miles from home?  I'd be lying if I said she really understood this urge, but she was extremely supportive and she did understand that this was something for which I had serious passion.  A few emails and phone calls later and my application was accepted with Andrew serving as my sponsoring member.  I had found a home.

Enter present day.   The journey of Kingsley Golfer is about to begin.  I have not yet visited my home club as a member.  That day is coming soon.  The inspiration for this web site was to provide a consolidated spot to share information about the golf course to the three guests, my three closest golfing travel companions, that will be joining me on my initial trek this spring.  Much of the information that will appear on this site for the first few months is information that is already available at some other location.  I will be re-producing my hole by hole analysis and photos of the golf course as an introduction.  I will be linking and pulling in some information from the official Kingsley Club web site.  Once I'm up and running with the basics, I plan to provide ongoing blogs about my visits to the club, as well as solicit commentary from other Kingsley members and guests.  Ultimately, I'd like for this web site to become the ultimate tribute to Kingsley Club.  I envision it as a place where any member of the club would be proud to refer anyone with potential interest in visiting the golf club.  Somewhere that can provide a view into the culture and vibe of the club from a distance.  I hope it can become a useful reference for anyone interested in learning more about the course.

Welcome to Kingsley Golfer.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!  


Awesome first post Tim. I look forward to the journey and will link you from my blog as well.


I love the new blog. I, too, feel the same way about The Kingsley Club - i joined last year. I followed with great interest you thread on GCA and even printed the thread out and have it bound as a reference. It is a special place and I look forward to following your blog. I would love to find time this summer for a round together up there...


Matt - Thanks. I've added your blog to my list as well. I hope you'll visit as content gets added.

Chris - It would be really fun to tee it up together. I hope we can make it happen sooner rather than later.

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