Thursday, April 28, 2011

Course Overview

In late 2008, I authored A Fan's Photo Tribute to Kingsley Club.  Most of my comments and photos will be included on my hole by hole tour here, but there is some great commentary from a number of participants that won't be replicated here, so it is worth a read at the source if you have the time and the interest.

Also, Kingsley Club already provides a very nice hole by hole course tour on their web site.  That tour can be found at

Links to the individual holes of my tour on this blog can be found here (in progress):

Hole #1                Hole #10
Hole #2                Hole #11
Hole #3                Hole #12
Hole #4                Hole #13
Hole #5                Hole #14
Hole #6                Hole #15
Hole #7                Hole #16
Hole #8                Hole #17
Hole #9                Hole #18

Here is the course map from the Kingsley Club link above:

The front nine at Kingsley Club is one of the most intimate nines you will come across in golf.  As noted by looking at the map, the golfer comes in contact with many holes multiple times.  The 2nd / 6th tee boxes and the 3rd / 5th tee boxes are wonderful spots to catch up with other groups when one is playing as part of a multi-group outing.  From the 2nd tee box area, almost every green on the front nine is in view.  Another really cool part about the front nine is that the attentive golfer is rewarded with views of many fairways, greens, and hole locations in advance.  In fact, the golfer will have a good preview of every pin location on the front nine aside from #1 and #2.  Many of these advance views could be partially blind when the actual shot is played, so this information will prove critical.

The back nine at Kingsley, provides more of a secluded feel, though the golfer can typically see at least one other hole at all times.  A good amount of trees have been removed to open up view and playing corridors on the 10th, 17th, and 18th - giving the back nine more continuity with the front nine.  While the front nine may be the better nine (at least in my view), the back nine counter punches with some of the best individual holes on the course.  From the jaw-dropping short par 4 13th green complex to the daunting long par 4 15th hole, each hole is sure to leave a lasting impression.

I look forward to the visitors of this site debating the merits of the individual holes and the collective nines.  I expect my own opinions to change with just about every visit. 


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